Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and I chose to use this image to exemplify one of the many things that father’s sometimes do.  Now mind you mud mania may not be on every father’s list but it was for this guy.  It made me smile to see this mom, dad, son, and daughter all happily and muddily together.  They gave something back to me that day with their happy smiles underneath all of that mud…they shared their joy with me; I appreciated it greatly.  So if your day consists of rolling in mud, relaxing, being treated to dinner out or your fave home cooked meal – Happy Father’s Day to you!

As I wished a great day to those men who were doing double duty as mom and dad, I wish the same to women who are doing double duty as dad and mom.  Happy Father’s Day to you, Daddy, I miss you.


Mud Family5272


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  1. #1 by bulldog on June 15, 2014 - 4:08 am

    Now maybe that’s what I should do, go and seek some mud…

    • #2 by imagesbytdashfield on June 15, 2014 - 8:29 am

      You could start a new fad – mud golf 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to you my friend.

  2. #3 by Uncle Tree on June 15, 2014 - 8:08 am

    Thank you! 🙂 Hope you have a great day filled with only the best memories!

  3. #5 by milfordstreet on June 15, 2014 - 9:14 am

    The look soooo muddy and yet so happy

  4. #7 by cecilia on June 15, 2014 - 9:48 am

    It is Fathers Day? oops!Love this shot. Such joy in it.. c

    • #8 by imagesbytdashfield on June 15, 2014 - 9:59 am

      Yes it is Father’s Day and I love the joy radiating from this family.

  5. #9 by etomczyk on June 15, 2014 - 6:35 pm

    They are, indeed, radiating joy and you captured it perfectly. Hope you had a great weekend.

    • #10 by imagesbytdashfield on June 15, 2014 - 8:12 pm

      It was very nice spending time with my inlaws. I had a great time talking about DH with his sister 🙂

  6. #11 by Emilio Pasquale on June 18, 2014 - 3:55 pm

    Guess you weren’t rolling in mud, too?

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