Harleys and Witches

When it comes to comic-cons and cosplay there are no set rules as to how you may portray a character.  Some people come to the cons in store bought costumes; others meticulously hand craft theirs (they are the ones who often win the costume contests) judges love that.  And there is some gender switching.  Women can be a male character feminized somewhat and men can be a female character.  Also, there are some iconic characters that in their lifetime have seen many incarnations and costume changes…even Superman has had his uniform changed a few times in the movies.

Here we have a variety of Harley Quinns including a male Harley (first time I’ve seen that) and a couple of Scarlet Witches.  Currently I have a Harley Quinn costume in the works; need to get a certain type of corset and a baseball bat 🙂


Harleys Mr Harleys 5631 Harley 5943 Harley 5743

Scarlet Witches

Scarlet witch 5630 Scarlet witch 5962

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8 Responses to Harleys and Witches

  1. bulldog says:

    Some costumes…. need I say more.??

  2. The Dose of Reality says:

    Ooooh! I hope you let us see your costume when you are finished! FUN! These are really good. That last Scarlet Witch, do you think it was homemade? That bodysuit portion is GORGEOUS and fits her like a dream. (and I’d think that material would be really hard to sew) –Lisa

  3. This looks like fun and even though I’ve limited knowledge of the characters, I still appreciate the colors and creativity.

  4. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    I attended only one ComicCon, back in 2003. A couple of years later, I met the writer Matt Hughes (an acquaintance) at a science fiction convention in Seattle. I have to say that, on both occasions, I was more interested in not looking at the women in costume. Things have definitely changed. It appears that cosplay is becoming far more mainstream.

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