Good eats at the Reading Terminal Market

I won’t go into the historical detail of the market other than give you this link about it – Reading Terminal Market.  Besides all of the other historical places to visit in Philadelphia this is one I highly recommend that you take a bit of time to explore.  Besides all of the sights, sounds, and smells there are plenty of things to buy to eat.  Now that could be eat there, take home, or maybe back to your hotel.   You can have lots of fun making up your mind.

There are several Amish vendors in the market selling all manner of goodies like this one section of jarred goodies.  DH had a trip down memory lane in front of these pickled eggs recalling how his mother used to make them.  My father once mentioned eating them at a favorite bar before he married mom.  My response then was the same as the one I gave to DH – a wrinkled nose expression of dislike.  No, I’ve never had one but apparently they must be popular.  I think we’ve all partaken of the peaches but the eggs? Please let me know if you have ever eaten them and if you liked them or not.  And if you know how to make them please share that too!

Pickled eggs

I didn’t take a picture of it but there was one chocolate place in the market that sold all manner of chocolate goodies like marshmallows dipped in chocolate along with chocolate body parts like hands and a brain.  They were visited once by Andrew Zimmern  of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods.  My tastes went to the Down Home Diner in the market –  good home made corned beef hash – and the pretzels.



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15 Responses to Good eats at the Reading Terminal Market

  1. Now, I am officially jealous! 🙂
    Nice shots – They really capture a sense of place.

  2. bulldog says:

    Oh the eggs were a must when I was younger single and spending months on end in the bush… rations were only obtained maybe once per month if lucky so eggs bought were boiled and pickled to make them last… I still to today can sit and eat 6 with ease out of the bottle… had many differing recipes… in those days… what ever came to mind, we did pickled, curried, plain, hot with chilies and pretty much what ever was near at hand… even experimented with tea which enjoyed…. vinegar being your base, after that anything goes…

    • Curried pickled eggs? That should be right up DH’s alley. I guess I will give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for commenting.

      • bulldog says:

        Teri it is extremely easy to make and bottle…. my problem was I normally ate them too soon after bottling not having the patience to give them time to really mature… I think DH will enjoy the curried eggs too, they are just tops…

      • So just vinegar and flavoring of choice? I found a recipe online but it was vinegar, sugar, and then the flavoring. Important bit being leave it for several days.

      • bulldog says:

        Oh the sugar is very important they say… gets the eggs to draw in the flavour or something…

      • And of course being able to boil the eggs without them splitting or sticking to the shells 🙂 Thanks, Rob.

      • bulldog says:

        We had a way of just making a small hole on the end of the egg… they never split and pealed easily … we would get a small drill bit and with your hand just drill a small hole in the end… about a 1 mm drill bit…

  3. You find the best places to visit! I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  4. The Dose of Reality says:

    Look at how colorful those eggs are! (But I’d much rather eat a chocolate covered marshmallow even if it is shaped like a brain!) –Lisa

  5. Mark Myers says:

    I need to try jalepeno eggs sometime. I have never heard of that many varieties!

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