Product Placement and You Choose

I happened to land on this image while doing some housekeeping in my Lightroom folder; I named it “Product Placement” for obvious reasons.   After editing the color version I wanted to see how it would look in black and white.  Both images have their merits and can stand alone well but I couldn’t quite decide which “child” was my favorite.  I am leaning towards the monochrome version because of the tones and details but neither is a clear winner for me yet; then again does there have to be one 😉

So I am asking you, dear readers, to vote on which one you prefer.  Please leave a comment as to why if you wish as well.  I enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks – Teri

Office Depot 7755 bw Office Depot 7755 color


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14 Responses to Product Placement and You Choose

  1. Cindi says:

    I’m in non-decision mode today…I took the easy way out and voted for “both” 🙂 (I like the vividness of the colors, but the texture of the monochrome is appealing too.)

  2. I voted color but it took me a good 5 minutes to make up my mind 😊. Both are excellent so their is no wrong answer in my opinion..

  3. It depends (How’s that for an answer). If you want to focus the viewer on the Office Depot sign then definitely B&W. If not, the colors behind it are striking but it leaves me wondering what the subject matter is. That said…B&W it is! – I am so decisive.

    • Thanks for voting but I was aiming at the Times Square subway station sign without realizing all of the “product” signs that were around it (especially Office Depot) but then again – Times Square is just one gigantic sign anyway.

  4. benrowef64 says:

    I go for the black and white but that is because It has the feel of a classic street image.

  5. scott2608 says:

    I always like black and white images.

  6. Well I agreed with the majority, the b/w is just eye popping.

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    I don;t know how Office Depot would feel about it but I, too, think the B&W makes their sin stand out more.

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