I’m determined to capture…

The green flash! I first heard of this optical phenomenon when in Jamaica some years ago.  While on one of those big sailboats for the – ahem – booze cruise as they were commonly called in Negril, our tour guide told us about “the green flash” and if the clouds and atmospheric conditions were in our favor we would be able to see one.  Well we all lined up on the port side of the boat and watched as the sun took it’s leave and sank into the ocean.  And then – poof – there it was for just a split second.  Everyone on the boat cheered and went back to enjoying the ride back to the resort.

That was the first time I had ever truly taken the time to watch a sunset (which by the way seemed really fast) and I’m pretty sure I took pictures of it; at least I think I did.  I know there are pictures of the divers at Rick’s Cafe but the rest is a tad blurry.  Since then I have been in pursuit of the green flash; determined to get a good shot of it.  Sadly it has not happened yet.  This image was taken one night in Key West, Florida as I patiently waited and ran off quite a few shots in anticipation of it showing up.  It didn’t this night or any of the following nights.  As Captain Ahab in pursuit of Moby Dick – my hunt continues!

Please share in the comments below what you are determined to capture.


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20 Responses to I’m determined to capture…

  1. Hillechien Prins says:

    I’m determined to capture a deer someday

  2. Nicely done….I heard a webinar on photographing the northern lights and am still waiting for the right conditions in my little part of the world to photograph them.

  3. Two times in a life time. Well, why not. Go for it. I too have seen the green flash along with three others in the car. One of those is a writer and I’d expect that at some point the experience will be included in one of his future books.

  4. Becky says:

    Oh my…what a beautiful photo! I hope you are able to capture the “flash” some day…as the name implies, it does go rather quickly! 🙂
    I heard about it when we first move to San Diego, and thought it was just a myth, and then one evening I saw it! OH WOW! It’s very spectacular indeed! I haven’t seen another one since then, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there! Keep watching those sunsets, I’m looking forward to that photo.

  5. Do please keep trying to capture it! I’d love to see that. I don’t think we have such a thing in our neck of the woods.

  6. Even if you never capture the green flash, that sunset you got is GORGEOUS! :)-The Dose Girls

  7. Cindi says:

    I have to admit to capturing everything I’ve wanted to …. so far.

    I’ve never seen the Green Flash — nor heard of it until I read this post! I certainly watch a lot of sunsets out over the North Sea from our vantage point, but the mountains are in the way to actually see the sun descend into the ocean.

    So I guess I’ll amend my first statement. “… so far, but now I have a quest for the Green Flash in which to partake!”

  8. I’ve never heard about that phenomenon, this is really interesting ! I’ll keep my eyes open 🙂

  9. Clearly, it doesn’t have to be flash-y to be beautiful. 🙂

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