With a chick chick here and a chick chick there…

In Key West, Florida they are feral, protected, and all over the place!  They are the descendants of the Cubalaya and domestic chickens.  The Cubalaya chicken started out as some varieties of Filipino fowls from Spain who were cross bred with chickens of European origin for size and aggressiveness for cockfighting.   When Cubans began to move to Key West in the 1860’s they brought their chickens with them – as well as cockfighting.  When cockfighting was outlawed in the 1970’s, the chickens were booted out to the streets; left to fend for themselves.

It would appear they are embraced by the community in some ways although I wonder if a few haven’t mysteriously made it into a stock pot somewhere 😉

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12 Responses to With a chick chick here and a chick chick there…

  1. 😀 I have never seen wild chicken before! This is something new for me..I checked it online and they were called as gypsy chicken 😀 how funny!

  2. Great shots…You see this in Miami’s Little Havana also…and they have a big, colorful rooster statue there too!

  3. It’s Beyonce the metal chicken!! Can’t imagine seeing random chickens walking around! Very cool!-Ashley

  4. hmmm..wonder what I’ll be having for dinner this weekend…enjoy and great pics.

  5. Becky says:

    We were in Key West last year, and I remember the 1st chicken I saw in the road, I was so surprised, I took a bunch of pictures of that chicken, and much to my surprise, I soon found out, they were EVERYWHERE! It was fun to see them, and like you, I wondered a little about their fate 🙂

  6. Nandini says:

    How great is that. 🙂

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