Birds of the world

You all have been great and I thank you so much; I’m just about finished but I still need a bit more help from you!   The project is to get as many of you to respond to this post in its comments section with these things:

Your name (first name only or just your initials) – your city/town/province/wherever and country – your native language – and how you say hello.


Teri – Ohio, USA – English – Hello

Please please help me with this project for the grands and lets blow their teachers and classmates minds with how wonderful the world is…and how awesomely cool their grandmother is 🙂

Thank you so much  again


I now return you to the regularly scheduled post 🙂


Some believe zoos are cruel and that no animal should be locked up to be put on display but on the other hand how would some of us be able to see such wonderful animals were it not for them.  True, not all zoos are blue ribbon examples of how animals should be treated but some are very good to them and in some instances are helping to keep some species from worse fates like poachers and extinction.  I do wonder what some animals like the great apes are thinking as we gawk and point at them…

Here are a few bird species that can be seen at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium; only one of them I am not able to identify.  If you know please leave a comment 🙂




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15 Responses to Birds of the world

  1. gavroche60 says:

    Bonne journée ! 🙂

  2. bulldog says:

    A well run zoo I can live with but some are just down right horrible examples of cruelty….

  3. Those are all super cool birds! Love the green and yellow one! :)-Ashley

  4. Cindi says:

    They’re all so colorful. I like the Bleeding Heart Dove best also … and the Queen Victoria Pigeon made me laugh out loud.

  5. OK, you twisted my arm – Antionette – Delaware, USA – English – Yo’ what’s up!

  6. don’t you dare print that > Antionette – Delaware, USA – English – Hello

  7. I absolutely love zoos. Yes, I know all of the arguments. I’m in the camp that says that the better ones actually do preserve some species that are no longer viable if left to their own devices, for various reasons, along with simply sheltering and rehabilitating some individuals that would be doomed in the wild because of previous domestication or various disabilities or injuries. On top of that, I’d give the ‘tree falling in the forest’ rationale some credence: if a zoo hasn’t taught me that some creatures even exist, let alone allowed me to become invested in its value and beauty as a living thing, how can I know to care whether it continues to exist at all?

    I’ll go to a zoo with you any time.

    All of that aside, these are cool birds!


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