Weekly photo challenge rolled into Monochrome Monday – Signs

When in Key West, Florida last year I noticed all of these historical signs pointing out what happened here and there or who built this house and what is was made for, etc.  At first they were just interesting but as I saw more and more of them I had to start taking photos because they were more than just signs, they were pages out of history.

Note: The War of 1898 is the first time I’ve ever seen a sign that had ‘continued on other side’ on it.

Anti Pirate 1387 War1898a 1468 War1898b 1469



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12 Responses to Weekly photo challenge rolled into Monochrome Monday – Signs

  1. Key West, lots to photograph!

  2. Those are super cool, especially in black & white.-Ashley

  3. Love Key West…Perhaps it’s time for a return trip when the snow flies here in New England. And perhaps time for a bit of editing if you can’t fit all of the history on one side.

  4. These signs work well in black and white! Great post for the challenge Teri!

  5. bulldog says:

    I like these in B&W

  6. Cindi says:

    I’ve traveled up and down the US East Coast and Midwest for family visits and vacations, and often thought that if I ever have the time, I’d make a point to stop at every historical sign along the way to read, photograph, and ponder the history of the areas I take for granted. It’s still the plan …. someday!

    These photos work really well with the monochrome treatment!

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