I made a promise – please help me keep it last call!

For all of you lovely folks who responded to my post to help the grands I thank you so very much and the kids are getting excited.  They think it’s awesome the number of people from around the world I “know” 😉   So I’m putting out this final request for anyone who would like to participate – if you haven’t already – and to put out the call for some specific languages/countries.

But first a reminder of what this project is all about:

The project is to get as many of you to respond to this post in the comments section with these things:

Your name (first name only or just your initials) – your city/town/province/wherever and country – your native language – and how you say hello.


Teri – Ohio, USA – English – Hello

Please please help me with this project for the grands and lets blow their teachers and classmates minds with how wonderful the world is…and how awesomely cool their grandmother is 🙂

I am missing a few countries and languages I’d love to have join the rest of the cast.  I don’t have anyone who speaks Italian/from Italy, no one who speaks Spanish/from a Spanish speaking country, no one from India or around there, no Portuguese, and only one person from South Africa (hi Rob!) but no one else from that continent.  And if you speak a language not mentioned then by all mean come on in!

Thank you again to all who have helped and thank you to those who are going to help me over the top with this project.



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5 Responses to I made a promise – please help me keep it last call!

  1. lhb001 says:

    Luis – Valladolid, Spain – Español – Hola

  2. Virginie – Gembloux, Belgium – French – Salut !

  3. Sara – Tel Aviv, Israel- Hebrew – shalom!

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    I’ve dual citizenship.
    In Chicago, Illinois, we say “Hello!”
    In the Republic of San Marino, we say “Ciao!”

  5. Elisabet says:

    Elisabet – Frövi, Sweden – Swedish – Hej!

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