La Catrina and some clown…

If you thought Ghost Face and Michael Myers were bad harassing me  (see previous post; here is my costume in color) then check out Harley Quinn here with some clown whose character name I’ve forgotten.  And if you are curious about the baby pram – which I should’ve taken a photo of but it kinda creeped me out – it contained four baby dolls that looked just like their dad here with one doll moving around in it!  Don’t we make a lovely couple 😉

(On a side note…this just happens to be my 1000th post! Tossing confetti )

DOTD_2294-Edit    Harley & Clown9861-Edit

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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18 Responses to La Catrina and some clown…

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    !000? Congratulations. I’m glad you didn’t show the baby clown dolls – that would have been too much. 🙂

  2. Confetti tossed – Congratulations. Great costume.

  3. cecilia says:

    OK the pram thing is REALLY weird!!

  4. I love your costumes – you are so creative!

  5. Globalresidence says:

    Love the pix! & congrats on the 1000th post! Wishing you happy Autumn! 😃

  6. ChgoJohn says:

    I’m kinda glad you didn’t take a pic of inside the pram. Some things I can do very well without. 🙂

  7. The Dose of Reality says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you showed your costume and makeup in color! It’s awesome!! (and I’m kind of glad you didn’t show us the inside of the pram. Just the description sounds creepy!!) –Lisa

  8. wow!! 1000th post! Congratulations!!! Funny photos you captured! *gosh, I missed this post on my WP reader*

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