Gift ideas for the photographer

What would a photographer like as a gift?  I for one have no problems giving or getting a gift card because it really does make shopping so much easier and lessens the chances of getting the wrong thing.  If you want to do that then they might enjoy a gift card to their favorite store for photo gear or presets and actions from stores like Adorama, Amazon, MCP actions and presets, and Pretty Presets .  Here are a few other suggestions for that photographer on your list.


What photographer doesn’t want a new lens now and again.  This is the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens.  It is fantastic! It was my birthday present this year and it is one sharp lens.

For the on or off camera flash user there are many ways to “bend light to your will” and one of them is using the Rogue Flash Bender.

Every photographer has to tidy up their cameras and lens now and again and one way to blow away that dust is with a Pro-master Hurricane Blower.  They also have a version that has little feet attached to it making it look like a rocket ship which is great for sitting it on a counter or table.


Camera straps come in so many varieties it can make your head spin and everyone has their favorite what works for them style.  I love my Blackrapid strap.  So much easier than having a strap rub against the back of my neck.

When making prints yourself or for when you send them out to be printed,  getting  the colors right is very important.  How can you make sure your monitor is color calibrated properly then? Try this – the Spyder Pro 4.  Very simple to set up and use and it does make a difference.

This is a small gem! The pro-master multifunction lens cleaning pen.  Fits easily in any camera bag and can be used to not only clean the outside of a camera and a lens but your glasses as well; very affordable too.


Here are two fun gifts for the photographer.  While I don’t have this (yet) I think it is a great idea for the Canon owner from the photojojo! store; also available for Nikon users.

This little guy has some great cartoons.  You can find him and his book on


All it takes is an internet search to find many gifts for photographers that run from DIY to really pricey.  There are t-shirts, mugs, camera bags, lighting, tripods, books that teach (I love anything by Scott Kelby), totes and more out there.  You have many places to chose from but I recommend these companies as I have purchased from each of them with great service and products:

Midwest Photo Exchange (couldn’t make it without these guys and gals), Adorama, MCP Actions and Presets, Pretty Presets and Amazon.

Happy Shopping everyone.

(This post was not sponsored nor was there any compensation for it; strictly my opinions and suggestions)




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10 Responses to Gift ideas for the photographer

  1. I hope you get what’s on your wish list this year. Have a great weekend!

  2. My poor wife knows better than to get anything photographic for me unless I have given her the exact Mfg. stock number for the item…I guess I’m too fussy – thank goodness for gift cards 🙂

  3. Great ideas…I hope Santa is good to you 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    Love this… I think I am back at blogging. Hope you come over and read why I was away for a bit. Oh and can you buy me a new lens for my Camera? 😉

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    Great suggestions, Teri. I’d be more than happy with any of them. Wonder if Santa’s listening. I probably should type louder.

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