The year 2014 in review

DH is actually going to be home for the holidays so I will be taking a blogging break to spend time with him, enjoy Christmas and then ring in the new year.  So what went on this past year?

We finally thawed from a nasty polar vortex (I hope I never hear that term again EVER).  I dislocated and broke a toe which put me out of commission for quite a few weeks (never want to do that again either).  Spring came and I hobbled around in flower gardens.  We went to my first mud festival and I was just this close to getting into the mud with the rest of the crowd.  I had a birthday that I celebrated in NYC where I managed to get my face in the crowd shown on Good Morning America and had something called a cake shake at Juniors – to die for I’m telling you!  People really appreciated and purchased some of my work at a local gallery.  I had the chance to do a portrait shoot with wolves.  I went totally nuts for Halloween and Comic-Con this year by wearing full face makeup for the first time.  And urban decay and I definitely have a thing going on.

The year has seen babies born and others both famous and not so famous leave us.  There has been entirely too much violence, hate, and anger across the globe; disease is taking a major toll in some countries.  And even though at times it seems as if the world is going to you know where in a hand basket there have been moments and people that restore your faith in human kind.  Videos have been posted of sweet babies laughing with puppies, grandchildren are growing up entirely too fast for me, random acts of kindness are still being carried out and there is still love in the world even in the midst of chaos and pain.

Here’s to 2015 bringing all of us blessings and joy!  I have enjoyed so much interacting and getting to “know” many of you.  You inspire me to be a better photographer and to occasionally let my fun and silly flag fly high.  If I made all of the wonderful recipes some of you have posted I wouldn’t be able to move.  I’ve traveled the globe with many of you and oh the places I want to go visit and photograph because of your adventures.  I will be asking for tips if/when I do go… you can count on that 🙂



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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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18 Responses to The year 2014 in review

  1. Have fun Teri – Merry Christmas

  2. simon Tocclo says:

    You are so talented My dear and thank u for Being such a great inspiration 💙 /Liberian Me

  3. Very nice pictures. I especially like the fist and last :).

  4. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  5. Merry Christmas T. and a Wonderful 2015!!! All the best to ya.

  6. Here’s to 2015, may it be amazing, beautiful, and adventurous :). Merry Christmas to you and your family

  7. Oh lucky you,having your husband home this week. Mine has to work right up till christmas…sigh. May you both have a wonderful week together and enjoy the holidays.

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    2014 was quite a year, no doubt about it. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas, Teri, surrounded by those you love. Happy New Year!

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