There’s a story that goes with this

Almost everything in Vegas is over the top from the hotels to the food and many parts in between.  Of course when I say Vegas in this case I am referring to the “strip”.  That one long street that everyone visualizes when they think of Las Vegas; ie. over the top.  Caesar’s Palace is definitely one of them from the outside gardens and into the hotel and casino.  They have an attached shopping area named the Forum Shops that you can either access from Las Vegas Blvd. or from the casino inside of Caesar’s.  Although after spending some time in the casino you may not have anything to shop with 😉

We went into the shops because, well, you know!  I was frugal and only purchased one skirt – and it was on sale.  But before I did any shopping I was taken by the opulence that is the inside of the forum that faces the boulevard and gets some natural light (there is a bigger part further inside that only has artificial light and clouds painted on the ceiling).  As I was composing shots I noticed a bench that was just perfect for me to lay down on to get this and some other ceiling shots.  I was there for awhile…

Forum Shops 1034

(click image to view larger)

When I stood up again I had to look around for DH.  He had decided to “stay out of my way” and had found a pillar to lean against while he read the news on his phone 😉  Just a little note about this photo especially for those who have never been here.  There is an interesting escalator in this part of the shops; instead of it going up and down in a straight line like the majority of escalators in the world this one goes in a spiral.  Looking at the lower left hand corner of this photo you will see what looks like a curved balcony… that’s part of the escalator!

Forum Shops 1028

(click image to view larger)

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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7 Responses to There’s a story that goes with this

  1. I figured you took this lying down and am just glad that you found a bench for this purpose. A spiral escalator – cool

  2. Cindi says:

    I enjoy reading the stories behind the images!

  3. Lionel Sneed says:

    Haven’t been to Vegas yet, but we will get there.

  4. Mark Myers says:

    Laying down on the escalator for a series of shots! Now that would have been a story . 😉

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