Reflecting on shopping

Vegas has many many ways to separate you from your money.  Besides the obvious, gambling, there is expensive food, shows, cab rides and one of my favorites – shopping!  And as with the levels of hotel rooms, shopping can range from fairly inexpensive souvenirs to astronomically priced clothing, purses, jewelry, books and art.  Let me explain those last two.

I happily stumbled upon the 6.5 million dollar man’s art gallery – Peter Lik.  At least I could see his work because even if I won the lottery I probably still couldn’t afford one of his pieces.  Must be nice is all I can say.  Another shop we happened upon was a rare book shop.  This place was fantastic! Bauman Rare Books was the name of the place and both of us were transfixed by the offerings.  Again, more expensive than we will ever hope to afford but closer to purchase with lottery winnings than the art work.

There were first editions, signed editions and more.  I fell in love with the Winnie the Pooh signed first American edition books (around $12,000 or was it $25,000 for a set, I forget) and DH was drawn to some original music scores.  The leather bound books and dark mahogany wood…all that was missing was a smoking jacket and some brandy 😉  This is just a shot of one of the stores in the Venetian/Palazzo shopping area that also included those two other shops.






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27 Responses to Reflecting on shopping

  1. Old books one of my weaknesses.

  2. If you ever go to London, you should go to their National Library…We went and were just blown away by the items displayed. And if DH likes musical scores they have Beethoven to the Beetles.

  3. It does look posh from your picture! Nicely captured Teri!

  4. Ingrid says:

    Vegas sure does have some fun and interesting places. So I take it you didn’t buy that Winnie the Pooh collection ? 😉

  5. Very nice lighting and reflections.

  6. So so expensive, this is crazy 😀

  7. Better to spend money on something tangible than to gamble it away.

  8. A. Blake says:

    Although I couldn’t afford it, I would have loved to just seen them!

  9. bulldog says:

    with our exchange rate of 10 of ours to 1 of yours can you imagine how expensive we would find it….??

  10. Nancy says:

    This photo is filled with reflections… nice to reflect in your post as well!

  11. Nancy says:

    ha ha ha ha
    😀 😀 😀

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