Searching for Obi-Wan in color

I thought I’d share yesterday’s image with you but in all of its Valley of Fire colors.  We were walking out of the Fire Wave hiking area (never made it to the actual fire waves, they were possibly way on the other side of those hills in the background) when DH noticed the variation of colors especially as the sun was starting to go down behind us.  It was beautiful!  If you look closely you can see in the lower third section of the image the trail we were walking on.

I have so got to get back to this place as soon as I can and spend more time.

Side note: yesterdays other movie reference “the missing scale” part? The Hobbit!  The missing scale belonging to Smaug; the one place he was vulnerable 😉



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22 Responses to Searching for Obi-Wan in color

  1. Sophie L. says:

    I prefer the color one. Have a nice day

  2. In comparing the two – the color one seems more desolate.

  3. Cindi says:

    I usually like monochrome better, but these colors get my vote!

    And, The Hobbit and Smaug. Of COURSE, silly me!

  4. bulldog says:

    Oh wow now that I prefer…

  5. Now, I get it – doink! I like the monochrome better, but both are good.

  6. This place looks fantastic ! We’ve missed it.. we chose to go to Red Rock Canyon instead… this one looks fabulous !Damn it ! the b&w picture is great, but we can really appreciate the colours of the rock with this one.

  7. Nancy says:

    I like them both…cause it’s the desert and we all know I “lurve” the desert!

  8. A. Blake says:

    It is even more beautiful in color!

  9. I like this one too – love both of them! 🙂

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