Ok…who erased the dividing line?

What is interesting about the Valley of Fire State Park is that if you drive to it via I-15 like we did, there is a nice straight drive out of Las Vegas for about an hour or so and then you take the exit and drive some more.  A lot more!  Honestly, there were signs saying you had so many miles to go before even getting to the park.  You had to drive through the desert to get to more desert.  You know you are getting close when the big red rocks begin to appear.

And when you finally get to the entry point and pay your $10.00 to get in (well worth it) you have to drive even further to get to the visitors center or any of the other major sites in the park. The roads are amazing; twists, turns, uphill, downhill and more.  My ears even popped a few times from the elevation.  This is what was on the other side of the previous posts “drop off” point.  More winding road but what’s with the missing part of the dividing line 😉



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22 Responses to Ok…who erased the dividing line?

  1. I particularly like the coloring of the rocks in this image. Considering the curvy nature of the roads. I hope you’re not driving photographing at the same time.

  2. bulldog says:

    Looks a beautiful place to visit…

  3. Beautiful shot – perhaps they ran out of paint.

  4. This is such a great photo…you did such a great job capturing the beauty of Valley of Fire!

  5. A. Blake says:

    Wow…now who fell asleep on the job?

  6. Nancy says:

    trolls? rowdy trolls? Giggling! Going to be heading up that way soon…will be checking this place out. Oh how I love the red rocks? Ever been to Moab, Utah? Arches National Park is there and OH SO BEAUTIFUL with it’s red!

  7. Like this a lot! You made a great road photo series!

  8. Some of thoserock formatios are great, aren’t they?

  9. cecilia says:

    amazing landscape.. c

  10. RMW says:

    I love exploring the desert… those rock formations are amazing… I wonder how many people even notice the dividing line ran out?

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