Happy Valentines Day

My dad was the one who probably gave me my first valentine.  I remember it being a kiddie card with a red heart shaped lollipop attached to it.  I loved that candy and I loved my father for giving me a gift along with the box of chocolates he always gave mom; that will always be a favorite memory for me.  In elementary school we made paper doily valentines for our moms and decorated shoe boxes that we used to receive those little valentine cards from our classmates.  We were instructed to have a card for each classmate; there was no playing favorites or being mean.  Well, maybe if you really liked someone their card might be nicer or you signed it with more than just your name 😉

In high school there were the occasionally cards from the beau of the moment which evolved into cards and flowers from the more “serious” relationships.  When I had Thing 1 and Thing 2 – otherwise known as son and daughter – the paper doily cards came full circle as I was now given the type of cards I had once made.  I still have those cards too; we moms are like that.

For our first Valentines Day as a dating couple, DH sent me 4 dozen red roses.  I think he was very serious about the relationship (and that delivery guy was not too thrilled about hauling that bouquet up 3 flights of stairs to me) and I had serious bragging rights with my friends.  Some loathe Valentines Day while others love it.  The choice is yours but whatever your feelings may be, I wish you a happy February 14th.

(These are Black Forest floribunda roses)



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8 Responses to Happy Valentines Day

  1. I wouldn’t say I loathe valentine’s day as I am quite a romantic deep down. I am just not into the consumerist side of the day.
    Beautiful rose I really like the droplets on the petals.

  2. Leyla says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too ❤

  3. Happy Valentines Day Teri 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    I hope to have gotten over here on Valentine’s Day but was busy being part of the whole day! Hope you had a lovely day!

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