It’s cold outside…

“There’s no kind of atmosphere I’m all alone more or less Let me fly far away from here…….”  Alright, who will be the first to say where those lines come from?  But yes! It is *&^%$ cold outside today.  Currently it is 2 below zero and expected to “climb” up to a balmy 6 degrees F.  Are we having fun yet? How about no!  This photo was taken two years ago during a bit of a snowy spell; dad here decided to do a little cross country skiing in the park with his son attached to his back.  We had a burst of snow yesterday that resulted in white out conditions with the big fluffy snowflakes and the howling wind.  Thankfully we only got just a few inches.

And while I detest my weather it is far better than those in the northeast especially in Massachusetts (stay safe, Chris!) who have snow on top of their snow with a side of snow and some extra snow thrown in for the heck of it.  Readers in the northeast please take care and those of you in warmer climates – do not talk to me about how hot or warm you are! 😛


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8 Responses to It’s cold outside…

  1. Thanks Teri…You’re coming over to help shovel the roof today, right? I make an awesom hot cocoa afterwards, real milk and mini marshmallows….

  2. Oh my goodness.. it would seem mother nature took every last bit of our snow and landed it somewhere down east! We’re still a bit chilly, but plus 6 is warm for us, lol! We’ve been blessed with a very easy winter this year.. I am counting the days to spring! xx

  3. Nancy says:

    …my lips are sealed… silence is golden…

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