Haiku Sunday

The snow falls again

and the people are fed up

Winter out! Spring in!

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous!  It is snowing now ( I am so shocked) and the news last night did nothing to lighten my spirits.  They said last year with that vortex monster the temps weren’t as cold as this winter but we had more snow than we have gotten so far.  Either way it’s a pain in the…….  Stay warm if you are in cold parts and if you are in warm parts? Lucky you I say begrudgingly.

I want these little flowers to return.

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10 Responses to Haiku Sunday

  1. Yeah, your snow becomes our snow tonight. I embraced it yesterday and went up to the White Mountains to make photos. Pretty, but I am really looking forward to green grass and flowers, like the ones in your beautiful shot.

  2. “…spring
    when the world is puddle-wonderful
    the queer old balloonman whistles far and wee…”
    EE Cummings

    I am ready for some Puddle-Wonderful !! 😀

  3. A. Blake says:

    Yes, when I woke this morning and saw the flakes, I pulled the covers back over my head. Hope you are staying safe and warm this Sunday.

  4. Nancy says:

    Ahhh the crocus! And snowdrops are another spring flower first!

  5. Cindi says:

    I hope they return for you SOON.

  6. I love crocus, nearly as much as snow drops ! 🙂

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