Explore the four elements – Arizona

My friend Indah over at Indahs travel story & photography has invited me to participate in an interesting photo challenge…”Travel Photo Blogging Challenge – Explore The Elements. The challenge asks bloggers to publish photographs they have taken which best represent one of the four elements.”  When I thought about what the four elements were I recalled that one scene in the movie The Fifth Element where they were in the temple trying to get the stones to work in order to save the earth from destruction 🙂  So let’s see now…Air, Fire, Water and Earth.


Air – We need it to breathe and to soar through.  Photo taken in a hot air balloon over Phoenix, Arizona just before the panic of being up so high in the air in a basket hit!


Fire – What created the hot air that let me rise into the sky.  Those burners put out some heat as well as lift which was good at times because the higher up you go the cooler the air becomes.

Balloon flame

Water – As we need air to live so we also need water to survive…and to make mud.  This photo was taken in Scottsdale, Arizona at the annual Mighty Mud Mania where the young and young at heart can get as muddy as they want to and then have the fire department hose them off.  Good times!

Earth – We who trod upon it come in many different colors and so does Mother Earth.  This photo was taken in Sedona, Arizona where the earth is a beautiful shade of red.


Now I’m supposed to invite 5 people but as this contest (yes it’s a contest check it out here) ends March 16 and that’s rather close…the choice to participate in the contest or just for fun is entirely up to you.

Live Laugh RV

Milford Street

Two Trails One Road

Marcus Delano Photography

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13 Responses to Explore the four elements – Arizona

  1. If you entered…good luck!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Hmm….. now to peruse my thousands of photos. Love your fire and earth shots. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

  3. LOL.. The pressure :-). Thanks for the challenge request. I have a shoot with a friend in an hour or so and I think I have an idea… Have a wonderful weekend Teri!

  4. Great choices for your reply to the challenge. I am very envious of the balloon ride. Maybe someday.

  5. A. Blake says:

    Great contest, I love your earth shots the best.

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