WPC – Afloat

As soon as I saw what the challenge was I knew immediately what I was going to post.  The view from a free floating hot air balloon is both exhilarating and frightening…but I’d happily do it again! In this photo you can make out the shadow of the balloon we were in in the lower left hand corner 🙂


Balloon view our shadow

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8 Responses to WPC – Afloat

  1. Riding in a hot air balloon is an interesting experience.

    • That’s one word for it 😉 It was as close to flying like a bird as I will probably ever get.

      • We crewed for Carol Davis for years and I had flown with her and her husband, John, several times over the years. She held many records and was a very skilled pilot. She and Richard Abruzo were killed in October 2010 when their gas balloon got caught in a thunderstorm over Italy and fell into the Adriatic sea while participating in the 54th Annual Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon race.

      • Oh my! But how interesting that you have flown so many times and crewed as well.

  2. Nice and very appropriate shot. Gotta try this some day.

  3. Nancy says:

    You know I will do this one day… but waiting for the fall when I have friends out here to watch!

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