How many of you remember jukeboxes?  How many of you have seen one in real life?  Long before iPods and other music players these were the way to hear music when you were out at places like a diner, a truck stop restaurant, or the burger/soda shops of days gone by.  When I was a child it wasn’t hearing the music that interested me so much as putting in the coins and watching the machine whirl around until the song of choice (usually on a 45 record) was picked and put into play.

The Wurlitzer company was founded in Cincinnati Ohio in 1853 by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer.  The company has made not only jukeboxes but also pianos, band organs, theater organs, nickelodeons and guitars.  The “records” in here are CD’s where for 50 cents you get one play,  three plays for one dollar and a whopping twenty-one plays for a fiver!  Hope your weekend is full of music 🙂

(This jukebox was found in a very silvery roadside diner in Logan, Ohio)




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26 Responses to Jukebox

  1. feralc4t says:

    The old ones were pure magic 🙂

  2. I’m dating myself but when I was much younger, there were jukeboxes in just about every restaurant we went into.

  3. Rememeber the small ones that were at your individual table or booth. Those were cool and could keep me and my brother entertained for a while. Nice shot

  4. That’s a great Jukebox. Look up “Old 45’s” by Chromeo on Youtube. It’s amazing what an old jukebox can get going.

  5. bulldog says:

    Remember them well

  6. I only remember one actually. It was in Jamaica at a restaurant that I used to love going to with my grandmother. My how times have changed. Our phones these days can hold tens of thousands of songs lol. They still have small ones at Silver Diners here in Maryland.

  7. Nancy says:

    Ahhhh bringing back some wonderful memories. Where I have my lakehouse and where I grew up…down by the lake was a place for the teens to hang out at. We had a jukebox there. Ooooooo such fun we had dancing to those songs! I have seen a few recently here and there. Love them! Thank You for walking us down memory lane.

  8. Les says:

    Ahh, yes. The Jukebox. I remember these very well while sitting in the local soda & ice cream joint while in High School. Rocking to the latest hit’s of the 60’s. 6 plays for a quarter, and 1 play for a nickel. I’m sorry to see those day’s gone now. The Wurilitzer Juke Box was one of the classic players of it’s time. I remember them having lot’s of colored lights and bubbles going around the whole player. You don’t see them much anymore, because all the collectors have snatched them up. The real Wurilitzer Juke Box is worth quite a large sum of money these day’s. The only one that I know of that is still playing around here is up in a 50’s & 60’s Diner in Hamburg. They hang on to it. It’s a great piece of History from day’s long ago.

    • Those who wander about in their own worlds with earbuds listening to their music have no idea what they are missing with a jukebox. Not giving up my iPod but how I enjoyed the communal fun of being in a spot with a jukebox. Thank you for commenting.

  9. Yes, I do remember…and those individual ones beside each booth in a bar or diner…

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