Lincoln Road Farmers Market

After dropping our bags off at the hotel and having a bit to eat for breakfast we went for a walk on my favorite street in South Beach, Lincoln Road.  Normally the road is filled with shoppers going in and out of the many shops or having something to eat at the various restaurants but this day, Sunday, there was something different for me to explore – a Farmers Market.  There were stands filled to the brim with fresh fruits, many I had no idea what they were, along with pastries, smoothies, flowers and more.  The market also had a section with vendors selling antiques, clothing and jewelry but it was the food section that captured my attention.  If I had known about this I would’ve had breakfast here instead of at the restaurant we went to; joyfully nibbling from stall to stall.

As with any market like this the prices varied some from vendor to vendor so never buy at the first one you stop at.  Where the produce came from I have no idea but it all looked and smelled so enticing and I wanted a mango and some pineapple so badly but then DH gently reminded me that we were staying at a hotel without a fridge…oh well!  I did have some absolutely delicious mango water at the hotel later so in a way I got to have my mango 🙂

(The Lincoln Road Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 9 to 6:30 pm)


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10 Responses to Lincoln Road Farmers Market

  1. Love those mangos. Are they ripe or will that a month to get that way.

  2. Tutti frutti and veggies abound! Nice series!

  3. A. Blake says:

    Aaah the sight and smell of fresh fruits and veggies❤️❤️

  4. Always love the colors of fresh fruits and vegetables 🙂

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