Hut! two three four…

I’ve seen lifeguard stands at pools and at beaches but never have I seen any so unique  and colorful like the ones on South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida.  My plan was (notice the past tense was) to walk down the beach and capture each one of the lovelies.  That was the plan.  Well, getting up early enough to get to a couple was difficult enough especially with me still not being completely healthy but then you had to add in the issue with lighting.  By that I mean that once I got a few shots off of one and managed to make my way down the sand to the next, the sun would be at an angle that resulted in either blown out colors or big shadows (usually mine).

And they really were spaced out which meant some serious trudging.  There was one day when I had good diffused lighting but the one hut I was aiming for had been commandeered by around five homeless people who were still sleeping there.  Try another day and a hut or two had some other early risers on it taking selfies or doing their morning yoga.  I kept trying but never managed to capture all of them.  Something for me to accomplish one day I suppose.

One day after having had a great morning swimming in the ocean I walked past a hut when it was occupied by its lifeguard and I asked him what did the flags mean that had been flying every day of our stay.  Turns out the yellow flag meant moderate surf or current hazard (I lost an earring after having been smacked hard by one wave) and the purple one meant dangerous marine life. What?!?  Turns out they had spotted Portuguese Man of Wars off shore and the lifeguards are only on duty from 9:30 to 6:30.  Oh goodie…

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Hut3804-Edit Hut3491-Edit Hut3329-Edit  Hut3509-Edit-2



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14 Responses to Hut! two three four…

  1. These are great! Those lifeguard huts are a photographer’s dream.

  2. A. Blake says:

    Your pictures this week have gotten me even more excited about our vacay! See ya next week.

  3. Beautiful photos! These lifeguard stands are so cool!

  4. Nancy says:

    Now these are very cool.

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