Monochrome Monday at the Shake Shack

“The Shake Shack is a little old place where we can get a burger….shake shack baby!” A tip of the hat there to the B-52’s and their song Love Shack which I have modified just a bit.

The first time we ever saw a Shake Shack was in NYC last year where we saw the line go out the door and down the block.  “What in the world do they have in there?” I said.  Of course I wanted to go try whatever it was but there was no way I was going to stand in line that long for anything short of them having a 75% off camera equipment sale 😉  So the mystery remained until I read an article about this place which declared it to have some very tasty burgers and fries.  Either the food is that good or it’s just another one of those trending food things; I might try it the next time I’m in New York I proclaimed.

Turned out the next time was when we were in South Beach.  While looking for new places to eat within walking distance of our hotel I discovered a Shake Shack on Lincoln Road.  We managed to make it in there one day at just the right time which means we were able to walk right in and get our food without a long line.  Always a bonus to me.  Our order was a single cheese burger for me, DH had a double, two soda pops, a vanilla concrete, and one regular and one cheese fry.  You give them your name and then either lay claim to a table or wait by the counter for them tell you to come and claim your food.  The food was pretty good but it was not stand in line for for a long time good, at least not to my taste buds.  I will say their crinkle fries were very good; crispy on the outside and all soft potato goodness on the inside.

I went back for a “Shack-cago” dog because we were still a bit hungry and wanted to see their take on it.  We’ve eaten the famous hot dog in the city that created dragging it through the garden and this paled in comparison.  If you go to a Shake Shack I suggest you stick with the burgers and fries and you won’t go wrong…also try the design your own concrete.  Oh yeah!


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11 Responses to Monochrome Monday at the Shake Shack

  1. Now I feel like having a burger for lunch! nicely captured!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Happy Monday! A burger is sounding real good! Loving the black and white!

  3. Ingrid says:

    Funny…. we just read an article about Shake Shack. Had never heard of it before. Seems like the latest up and coming fast food burger place. Reminds me of In & Out Burger. In Phx at lunch time it’s not uncommon to see a line out the door while the McDonald’s is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Changing times!

  4. “Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your…” Nice photo and cool place.

  5. A nod to my go-to summer album…nothing quite says warm weather like this one.

  6. I’ve always wondered about their food…we have one in Austin and there’s always a huge line as well. Beautiful photo!

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