All together but not together

Notice how there are quite a few people sitting on this wall in fairly close proximity to one another.  But unless they happen to be together like the the little boy and his mom or the ladies standing with the big purses, they might as well be worlds apart.  Personal space is a catch phrase for ‘don’t get too close to me!’ today.  I am all about personal space; I get a little bit rankled at the store if someone stands too close to me in the checkout line and heaven forbid should their cart get too close or even – gasp – touch me.

We human beings (or meat popsicles; whatever you wish to call yourself) have become adept at carving out our own space bubbles and ignoring what’s around us even when we are in a crowd.  I think the explosion of electronic devices and mobile phones has enabled this greatly.  BTW – you’ve got to love the socks on the guy in red 🙂

(Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what movie I just quoted)


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18 Responses to All together but not together

  1. I think they are trading personal space fo a place to sit. Personl space is a good thing. You quoted a Police song, but I didn’t get the movie quote. Happy Weekend. 😀

  2. Dina says:

    This seems to be a city sickness, seen on almost any bus stop around the world today, sad to say. I tried to cheat and googled your quote line but couldn’t find the film, only your blog comment. 😉 😀

  3. hmekeel says:

    Hahaha meat popsicles 😂 I prefer to call myself that now

  4. What a cool capture! I am all about personal space too…but this is really interesting how everyone is physically near each other but not mentally…they seem to be doing their own thing.

  5. Thank goodness it is not the movie I was thinking about: Wolf Creek 😉

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