Through the gate

At first I was a little put off by the razor wire on some of the fencing but then I saw that someone had popped open the fencing just wide enough for it to not look obviously pried open but enough for me to get through.  I wanted to explore this building so much but as my attire consisted of shorts, tee shirt and tennis shoes I erred on the side of common sense.  This building and it’s surroundings called for sturdier gear plus DH was adamant about me not wiggling my way into a partially boarded up door; you can see the doorway of it underneath the walkway on the Nana Banana wall.

I stepped cautiously over the debris and peered into the semi darkness behind the door wanting to get in to see what was in there and if I could find a way to those upper crosswalks but I was warned that the building might not be empty and “they” might not take too kindly to my intruding.  Some of the “they” also included the officers of the law who were in the area for the festival.  Point made!

NanaB3896-Edit Tagged3899-Edit


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15 Responses to Through the gate

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Banana Rama and graffiti ghosts.

  2. Dave Phalen says:

    Better safe than sorry. Area has had many homeless for years. Not to mention what kind of shape the interior of the building may be in..

  3. Can you go back when you are better equipped and the po-po are not around?

  4. would be cool to get a look inside!

  5. Yeah, that was definitely a place for long pants and perhaps a hard hat. Cool graffiti, though.

  6. Cool building! Love how you captured the graffiti!

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