Was there a reason for this? And last bits…

Usually you don’t see one of these protruding from a window.  Did water come out of this or was it some byproduct of whatever was once made in here?


One building in this complex is still it’s natural brick color as seen by this and the previous photos but the other one?


What is that grey stuff that still covers most of it? Why was only this building of the two painted with this grey material.  I cropped the photo tighter so that you can see the bits that have peeled back and show their underside with the imprint of the brick it once covered.  Anyone have any idea what that is all about?

GreyDoor3903-Edit     GreyBricks3903-Edit-2

And finally while I wasn’t able to get into the building I did take this shot which shows the tagging on the opposite window and you can just make out the railing on some steps that lead to an upper floor and probably one of those crosswalks.  I think those bars may have been placed on the window when the building was still being used from the looks of them.

I am going to have to return one day and wear more appropriate “exploring” clothes.



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15 Responses to Was there a reason for this? And last bits…

  1. brenda says:

    a bit of a puzzle this human handiwork 🙂

  2. Dave Phalen says:

    You may find this tweet from the Ohio Exploration Society’s visit to B&T interesting.

  3. Timothy Price says:

    Urban decay makes for good photos.

  4. No idea…As technology evolves, new things get installed, become defunct due to new-er technology and just sit there. I like the last shot. Time for you to get your hard hat and respirator.

  5. A. Blake says:

    That really is something to think about…a spicket protruding from a window…

  6. Nancy says:

    Interesting… Very interesting!

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