Hood Ornaments Rerun

As the computer is still in the sick bay I am running re-runs of past posts.  I felt like doing cars and car shows as they are always popular.  Classic cars ultimately mean classic hood ornaments; they don’t make them like these anymore!  This post was originally done in April 2014.

Revisiting – Hood Ornaments

Whenever I go to any car show I am drawn to the vehicles themselves but also the details of each vehicle.  The wheels, the dashboards, the fuzzy dice, the engines, and the hood ornaments.  Once upon a time many cars had works of art as their hood ornaments but as time went by what with aerodynamics and fuel economy – not to mention little thieves who ripped off said ornaments – the era of fancy hood adornment slowly faded.

But when the classic, and some newer models, cars are shown I am in hood ornament nirvana!  Here are a few as previews to the cars that I will be bringing back once I decide which beauties to feature.  Classic? Modern? Hot Rod? Custom? So many to chose from…stay tuned.


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18 Responses to Hood Ornaments Rerun

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Love hood ornaments!

  2. Nancy says:

    Loved seeing them again…

  3. Back when cars had true style and class…

  4. Dave Phalen says:


  5. Very nice series on hood ornaments. Hope your computer returns to the well list. Very frustrating.

  6. Is the computer in the ICU???

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