Historic Places in Key West

While I did not take the tour of the historic markers in Key West (sadly, I didn’t even realize it was an option until after we had returned home) but it is possible that I may have encountered a few of them while just experiencing the area.  Case in point marker number 27 here – The Cable Hut.

“The concrete structure next to the Southernmost point was brought to Key West by Flagler’s railroad in 1917. This cable hut was needed because the number of telegraph lines to Cuba was increasing and this hut was installed to protect the connection between the land line in Key West and the 125 mile long underwater telegraph cable running to Havana, Cuba.

A few years earlier, through cables like the ones this concrete hut was protecting, on Christmas Day in 1900 the first international phone call was made. John W. Atkins called to Cuba testing to see if it would be possible for voice to be heard through the telegraph lines. After a long silence, Cuba answered with a simple “I don’t understand you.”

The cable hut still stands today as a monument to remind us how international communication truly started.”  Keywesthistoricmarkertour.org


Everyone comes to photograph (and selfie) with The Southernmost Point but I think many, unless they are doing the tour, fail to notice the cable hut next to it; it caught my eye.  I’m going to have to go back through my files and see what other historic places on the marker tour I may have photographed.   By the way, #35 on the marker tour is the ubiquitous Key West roosters; couldn’t miss seeing those if I tried.

CableHut1343-Edit CableHut1344-Edit CableHutdoor1345-Edit


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9 Responses to Historic Places in Key West

  1. Timothy Price says:

    A point well made!

  2. Cool…We missed it too. Will this be put back in use now the US Embassy in Havana is reopening – lol. I want to go back to Key West =)

  3. Nancy says:

    Such fond memories I have of Key West. When I was there… I was in college. Remember standing there holding an Iguana. I can definitely say I did not see this Cable Hut.
    I need to return to key West to see if there are any changes! (I am sure there are.)
    Thank You For The Memories!

  4. I can’t wait to visit Key West….that is one of the places a person can go off the grid.

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