The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Regardless of whether you liked the man or his works, this is a must see when visiting Key West, Florida.  As part of my schooling I had to read at least one of his books for English literature and as my parents were fans of Spencer Tracy movies, I had seen the movie The Old Man and the Sea.  So when I discovered that I could actually see bits of the man who wrote these magnificent works of literature that several movies were based upon I just had to go.  Hemingway arrived in Key West from Paris (after a stop in Cuba which would later play into some of his work) through the urgings of one of the expatriate artists and writers group that he was a part of in the late 1920’s.

This home was built in 1851 in the Spanish Colonial style and was in great disrepair when the Hemingway’s purchased it in the 1930’s.  But they lovingly restored it to the site that thousands of tourists from around the globe visit every year.  The furniture throughout the home represents their many travels in Europe and Africa as well as items from his hunting expeditions.  What I was fascinated by was how ornate the furniture is and small.  The bathroom and bathtub in the master bedroom looked as though his six foot frame would’ve been scrunched up in there.  And the memorabilia?  Oh my!  A history, literature and film buffs dream.

When visiting the home once you pay for admittance ($13.00 for adults and $6.00 for children over 5), you have the choice of going on a guided tour or if you are like me, you will avoid that crowd and venture off on your own.  Now while I probably missed learning some interesting details, I enjoyed walking through the house and taking my time viewing all that it held.  The house inside and out is beautiful and so are the grounds surrounding it.  These photos were taken in December so you can just imagine how lush the gardens must be during spring and summer.

(More tomorrow)

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  1. #1 by milfordstreet on July 7, 2015 - 5:48 am

    It is such a beautiful home…you captured it well. We could have spent all day in the gardens by the pool.

    • #2 by imagesbytdashfield on July 7, 2015 - 6:09 am

      With it being December at the time I was happy seeing all of the green 🙂 Thanks

      • #3 by milfordstreet on July 7, 2015 - 6:11 am

        Yes. I think we went in January. Good times.

      • #4 by imagesbytdashfield on July 7, 2015 - 6:13 am

        I wouldn’t mind doing a photo walk tour there in December, January or February 😉

  2. #5 by Timothy Price on July 7, 2015 - 9:07 am

    Nice set of photos. Always good to venture off on your own. I don’t think those fans are period fans!

    • #6 by imagesbytdashfield on July 7, 2015 - 9:21 am

      No 🙂 The fans were for the hot tourists. Even in December it was warm and humid.

  3. #7 by A. Blake on July 7, 2015 - 11:10 am

    I remember seeing a movie and it was such a nice place – such lush beauty.

  4. #9 by infraredrobert on July 7, 2015 - 12:42 pm

    We have always wanted to visit – thanks for your tour…

    • #10 by imagesbytdashfield on July 7, 2015 - 2:54 pm

      You’re welcome 🙂 Do put it on your list…more of it the rest of this week.

  5. #11 by Ingrid on July 7, 2015 - 3:20 pm

    Thanks for the tour. I’m like you and prefer venturing off on my own. Several years ago we had a trip to Key West planned and this was on my radar. Unfortunately we ended up having to cancel that trip and now I’m scrambling to see how I can fit a visit into the schedule.

    • #12 by imagesbytdashfield on July 7, 2015 - 7:08 pm

      I hope you can make it. There is a lot to experience there and you can walk or bicycle to almost everything.

  6. #13 by Nancy on July 9, 2015 - 8:03 am

    Oh the sweet memories are flooding my brain! Thank You! Great shots of a very pretty place!

  7. #15 by Indah Susanti on July 9, 2015 - 9:21 am

    I will certainly visit it if I were traveling to Florida. Thanks for the tips, Teri. Beautiful house!

  8. #17 by Dina on May 14, 2016 - 10:30 am

    This is a lovely tour of the former home of E.Hemingway. This brings back many happy memories of the place and beautiful Key West. I’m glad you have so many various posts about it as I didn’t make any photos. Great gallery! 🙂

    • #18 by imagesbytdashfield on May 14, 2016 - 4:43 pm

      I am so happy it brings back happy memories for you. We are debating about taking a return trip to KW.

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