Words on Wednesday – Dashboards

When attending a car show your eyes will immediately be drawn to the outside of the auto; the body, the wheels and maybe even the hood ornament.  There are also many who will be drawn to the engines which I must confess is not one of the things that pulls me in.  But there is another side to see in these cars that is equally interesting and that is their interiors.  In some cars the dashboard and steering wheel are just simply utilitarian while in others it is amazing to see the evolution of the knobs, switches and gauges involved with the operation of the auto.

Then too there is the added bonus of the owners personalizing the insides.  For example, it’s just not a 50’s car without fuzzy dice.  Take notice of the whole car: the break pedals, the seats, door handles and the trunk to name a few to fully appreciate and understand the entire machine and it’s history.  Never be hesitant to ask questions about the cars for this will make the car “come alive” right before your eyes…as well as make the owner very happy.


WillyDash4329-Edit 51FordDash4347-Edit 37FordDash4337-Edit 55ChevyDash4368-Edit

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7 Responses to Words on Wednesday – Dashboards

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Love the fuzzy dice. It used to be really common to see fuzzy dice hanging off rearview mirrors, statues of Jesus on the dash, and models of dogs with heads that bobbed in the rear windows of cars. Don’t see any of those these days.

  2. I’ve always thought that the interiors of cars are the best part which is why I love all of these! The bright colors are amazing! 🙂

  3. These interiors had such class…but they also had those seats that on a hot day would cause you to lose skin off the back of your legs. lol Cheers =)

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