Red Barn

There was a burger joint near my Jr high school that was named Red Barn and we used to sneak off campus to walk the three blocks to get burgers there for lunch instead of school food or whatever our moms packed us for lunch.  When I saw this barn it brought back memories of those gloriously greasy burgers.  Fortunately, when going to get the burgers I only had to cross one busy street at the light unlike how I got to this barn.

DH pulled over on the side of the road, I walked along side the two lane road to cross one set of railroad tracks, the big rocks in the middle, the other set of railroad tracks and downhill a bit to get close enough to take this shot.  All of this was done under the watchful eye of my sherpa (aka DH) as I kept my ears perked for the sounds of any trains.  Fortunately one passed before we pulled over and no others came while I was there.  I was also keeping my eyes and ears open for the police as they might have frowned upon me walking along the tracks to get back to the car.


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8 Responses to Red Barn

  1. Pretty barn. Old barns are so cool looking. Cheers 😃

  2. Ingrid says:

    We’re in Illinois for the next 2 weeks and I told hubby I “need” to take some barn photos. I drag Al along as “security detail” but I love your tag “Sherpa”. Glad Dudley Do-Right didn’t need to rescue a damsel in distress 😆

  3. A. Blake says:

    I think of you everytime I pass a barn!

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