It’s water over the dam…

Alum Creek State Park in Delaware, Ohio has a 3,387-acre reservoir and 4,630-acres of fields and woodlands which provide areas for fishing, boating, swimming, mountain biking, a park for you and your dog, picnic areas and more.  Part of the park is the Alum Creek dam and the many steps next to it that go to the top of the dam and over looks the reservoir.  Many people come to the park just to use the stairs as exercise; there’s even an Alum Creek stair climbing club.

The park has an interesting history.  The first evidence of man living in the park’s area dates back over 2,000 years ago to the Adena culture; a Pre-Columbian Native American culture and it contains the remnants of a settlement by freed slaves that arrived in Ohio from North Carolina.  Wikipedia   As I was walking towards the steps I took notice of the water coming down the dam and the patterns it made against the concrete so I took some shots.

I will have to return with a longer zoom lens to see if I can capture the water “wiggling” better but this day, the Tamron 15-30 2.8 lens that Midwest Photo Exchange  let me use for the weekend,  gave me the ability to capture this and some other great wide shots that I will share tomorrow.


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12 Responses to It’s water over the dam…

  1. Hey, this is cool angle – at first I would not think it was a dam!

  2. mickey2travel says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing the Wikipedia link. I love history like this! Would love to see more of your photos of this area!

  3. Timothy Price says:

    I love dams, and you have a super photo!

  4. It took me a while to figure this out. The angle of the shot gives it an abstract feel. You staying cool these days? Cheers =)

  5. Pit says:

    I agree with Inda: great angle shot!

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