More views of Alum Creek State Park

When we first moved to central Ohio something I noticed was the many parks here.  It felt like there was one around every corner.  Of course that wasn’t true but there are a lot of local and state parks around here and we’ve enjoyed exploring many of them.  Our most recent trip took us here to Alum Creek Park.  These images were all taken with a Tamron 15-30 lens that I used just for the weekend (review coming soon) and it was a perfect day for photography!  Warm, slight breeze, beautiful blue skies…a photographers dream.

The first photo is of the dam as you walk towards it and those 100+ steps next to it.  The second is from the bottom of the steps looking out over a part of the park and the parking lots.  Next to the parking lots there’s a playground for the children and pavilions that can be reserved for gatherings such as the large family reunion that was taking place that day.

Alum4674-Edit   Alum4680-Edit

Most people come to this section of the park to just walk around or to get their exercise on those steps.  Once at the top of the steps you can walk along the top and take in all of the panoramic scenery such as the many boats that can vary from pontoons to sail boats.  If you look in the lower left hand corner of the second image you will see someone who was fishing.  You’re really not supposed to clamber down the rocks to fish from there but many do it anyway.  Mentioning fishing, there was a bass fishing contest going on this day which would explain why there were so many boats out on the water… well other than it was a fantastic day to be boating anyway.

Alum4691-Edit   Alum4705-Edit

And of course – what goes up must come down.  This is just one small section of the park but so far it is my favorite.



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8 Responses to More views of Alum Creek State Park

  1. A pretty spot and you had a great looking sky…nice images. Cheers =)

  2. Beautiful images! I am looking forward to your Tamron 15-30 lens review! Looks like you have fun with it 🙂

  3. mickey2travel says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, such a beautiful place! Great shots!

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