How to pump up the fun at a Comic-Con

How? You have your son, his wife and the two grandchildren come and join you.  As much as we have a ball at these events, it was so wonderful to see it through the eyes of the children – big and little – because it was their very first time attending one.  Little man was beside himself seeing his fave characters like Deadpool and the Avengers but when he got to meet Michael Rooker from Guardians of the Galaxy (and The Walking Dead) and he did some lines from the movie for him; it became the best day of his life!  Now little lady being all girly girl was thrilled to see others dressed as Disney princesses although that clown from Stephen King’s It made her a bit nervous…I wasn’t too thrilled with him either.

And yes! I threatened to bite Baymax but he said he had plenty of tape 🙂


DeadpoolEtc6207-Edit copy KidsClowns6229-Edit copy NanaMinnie6240-Edit VampFam6171-Edit copy 20150919_121011 IMG_0438 GreenArrow6231-Edit copy   Baymax6157-Edit copy


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19 Responses to How to pump up the fun at a Comic-Con

  1. mickey2travel says:

    Too much fun! I’m glad you had Little Man there to protect you, and your Princess is beautiful! I’m also glad you made a wonderful memory for them, as I know they’ll always remember hanging out with “Nana”. Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  2. mickey2travel says:

    By the way, is that Lou Ferrigno, too? He’s so cool!

  3. GP Cox says:

    Looked like fun was had by all!!

  4. Timothy Price says:

    Fun Fun Fun

  5. Oh wow, such fun and creativity. This is awesome Teri. Cheers!

  6. Everyone seems to be having a grand time…I’m very happy for you all.

  7. etomczyk says:

    So fabulous! I want to go. You look adorable!

  8. How fun!! Ahhh, the Minnie turned to be a Dracula in Comic Con 😀 😀 You look great!!

  9. Mark Myers says:

    I was a huge Lou fan. He still looks intimidating. Fun

  10. Nancy says:

    YOU are such a fun gal!

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