What was it? It was a firetruck…

But a very special firetruck with a great origin story to go with it.  I will just let you read it’s background story here for yourself.  While there were hundreds of vehicles at this car show in July 2015, with the majority of them being very very shiny, this 1936 Ford V8 firetruck stood out on it’s own – rust and all.

FiretruckXU9A4222-Edit copy

FiretruckXU9A4203-Edit copy FiretruckXU9A4212-Edit copy FiretruckXU9A4216-Edit copy FiretruckXU9A4219-Edit copy FiretruckXU9A4225-Edit copy FiretruckXU9A4227-Edit-2 copy


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22 Responses to What was it? It was a firetruck…

  1. Amanda Lyle says:

    Cool fire truck! Vintage edition… But no firemen in sight! 😳

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Oldie by goodie!

  3. Great rust and all…

  4. That is a pretty cool fire truck all right. Very cool.

  5. American cars are impressive – the older it gets, the more interesting it is 🙂 Great one Teri! 🙂

  6. Very nice. This would have made a great subject to do some light painting at dusk.

  7. Wow.. Definitely an interesting story behind this particular fire truck.

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    Wow! I certainly hope that one day there are the funds available to restore the ol’ truck to the glory of its heyday. It surely deserves it.

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