One night in Times Square – Colorful

Times Square alone is very colorful with all of the huge signs, store fronts and changing billboards but the humans milling around in it get pretty colorful too.  In one square block you can see anything from the sad condition of someone homeless to suits, purses and shoes that are very high end.  And because NYC attracts visitors from around the globe, you are bound to see someone in the traditional dress of their country.  I stood next to a Japanese woman one night in a traditional kimono and this night this beautiful pink and green sari caught my eye.

This is a colorful shot also with the man in the shop being surrounded by brightly colored things for sale…but if you notice both of them are in their own worlds doing what they’re doing.


ONITSXU9A7761-Edit copy

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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11 Responses to One night in Times Square – Colorful

  1. Great catch Teri! I thought at first she was holding a mobile phone!

  2. A wonderfully colorful image, Teri. Cheers.

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    Isn’t that beautiful, Teri? I live very near an area that, although it’s called Little India, has a real cosmopolitan air about it. On warm summer days, you might see some women in saris, others in dashikis, and still others in Arabic attire. They are all beautiful, especially when a breeze brings their clothing to life.

  4. Nicely captured. Color seems to be popping out all over.
    Yes, yes, yes, on New York City. A place I love to go a shoot reflections, people and movement. August this year looks like it might be likely.

  5. Nancy says:

    “Busy people being extremely busy.” This photo shows to me why people need to be aware of the moment. Even if busy.
    It is also sooooo very colorful. What a neat shot!

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