Goldfield Ghost Town

Our next stop on the Apache Trail (and long before the roads made my adrenaline rush) was the Goldfield Ghost Town.  Upon pulling into the place early that morning and before even some of the workers had arrived, I was anxious to leap out of our truck and head for all things old and rusty.  I gave pause at the sign saying no photography for commercial purposes and proceeded to move around the area as I pleased with camera at the ready.  The rest of the family couldn’t keep up with me so they had to call my cell phone to find me when I didn’t reappear for awhile.

If you like this sort of tourist spot (they asked us if we wanted to sign up for a jeep tour) then by all means go for it but for me and mine – well mostly me – it was all about the rust, the architecture and the scenery…and of course the history.  One could just imagine the harsh, to us today anyway, realities of living back when this was an active mining area and what equipment they had to work with.  I’m sure they took solace though at the saloon, bordello and maybe even the church 😉


GhostTownXU9A6888-Edit copy GhostTownXU9A6898-Edit copy GhostTownXU9A6905-Edit copy GhostTownXU9A6916-Edit copy GhostTownCarXU9A6923-Edit copy


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22 Responses to Goldfield Ghost Town

  1. Wonderful how we are all attracted to old and rusty and decayed. Lovely images.. c

  2. Nancy says:

    Love that last capture! Nothing like an old rusty car or truck!
    I have been to old ghost towns and cemeteries… I often get caught up in thinking how did they live as long as they did??

  3. Ingrid says:

    I knew you’d get ‘lost’ in all the photographic material there 🙂

    • They had to drag me out 😉 Did you see the post with the church shot in it?

      • Ingrid says:

        Yes, but for some reason I couldn’t open the full post and comment. The light is amazing at these two locations during the late afternoon. Should you come back into town, I’ll pick you up and we’ll get ‘lost’ behind our lenses for hours 🙂 Definitely marketable material to capture. Tell DH it’s a biz trip… hehe!!!

      • Must think of way to spin this! hehehe With the light being as it was I had issues with flare so I couldn’t get the shots I wanted but I did get a few in 😉 I can imagine the when the light is right – joy!

  4. Timothy Price says:

    Looks ghostly.

  5. Cool images…I love ghost towns. Did you see Wyatt Earp or Jesse James?

  6. Look like a haunted place to me 🙂 But would love to see this type of US town in the future..great shots, Teri!

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    Keep the Jeep. Like you, I’d rather walk around and soak up the history. Love the photos, Teri.

  8. Mark Myers says:

    I really love these – they just let you imagine the possibilities of the past.

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