Back on the trail

The Apache Trail that is.  A quick back track here first.  I read that on New Years Day bikers just appear out of nowhere for an unofficial/official get together at the Tortilla Flats restaurant that I featured here; this is where I met this solo biker and complimented him on his Harley.  I do love Harleys and I can only imagine the thrill of riding the trail on one.

OneHarley7010-Edit copy

When we were past Fish Creek Hill and back on roads that weren’t as steep, we stopped to look at the Roosevelt Dam and I took this picture of a group of bikers who were at the moment deciding upon what tune the fellow in the front was going to play for the rest of their ride.  I wish I could remember what the song was but it was a good one for heading out on the highway….but it wasn’t “that” song 😉

FourHarley7098-Edit copy


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6 Responses to Back on the trail

  1. I recall seeing many bikers at Tortilla Flats. Nice !

  2. Nancy says:

    I did not see any bikers on the trail when we went.
    we were just in Apache Junction this past week. We did not do the trail but we explored the antique stores! Got some great finds!

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    No bike for me. Just not my style. A limousine. Now that’s more like me. 😀

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