An affiliated commercial break…

I don’t have a regular photo post for you today because I am a bit behind on things.  Next week almost every day is some family members birthday including DH and his twin.  In typical fashion he isn’t helping me one bit with what he might like.  No present ideas, no meal ideas, nothing.  I’ll come up with something or we will just roll with the day.  For the rest of the gang it’s going to be cards in the mail, phone calls and silly birthday wishes on their Facebook pages.  But there is some good news – at least for me it is – I have a new computer!  The not so good news?  Still configuring and transferring files, etc.  Am I having fun yet…between the expletives I am 😉

But what about the commercial break?  I am an affiliate of Topaz Labs hence the button there on my page.  Also, in some cases, Topaz provided the software that I reviewed in prior posts.  If I didn’t mention that before I apologize profusely; I was not trying to mislead or withhold anything in any way.  This affiliate business is still rather new to me and I sometimes forget and leave out all that important disclosure stuff.  Having said that, I just found out that I can refer friends to Topaz where they get $20.00 store credit towards the program of their choice which can be used along with any coupon codes.  If a friend buys a program within 30 days I get the same credit.  Win-win!

As always, you can test drive their programs for 30 days free and decide which one is for you… or not.   Take a look at all they offer here.  Fancy getting that credit?  Leave your email address in the comments or send it directly to my email.  Thank you for your time and I will be back soon with more photos once I get this new system up and purring; almost there.

These photos were edited using Topaz Labs Adjust, Black and White Effects and Simplify programs.

Leaves9051-EditTR Apples0918-EditTbwAb Gondolier0643-Editadj


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6 Responses to An affiliated commercial break…

  1. Good luck with the new computer and all your various birthdays and such. Cheers!

  2. March is a busy birthday month for me too, so I feel your pain. 😀 Yay on the new computer, though!

  3. I love how you edited these photos…beautiful!

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    Glad to hear about the new PC, Teri. What a relief, eh?

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