Three shades of Cymbidiums

Cymbidium /sɪmˈbɪdiəm/,[1] or boat orchid, is a genus of 52 evergreen species in the orchid family Orchidaceae. The new Latin genus name is derived from the Latin cymba meaning boat. Its first known use was in 1815.    Wikipedia 

I don’t see the boat part of this orchid.  They have always looked like a cartoon character with two big front teeth sticking its tongue out; maybe that’s just my imagination running wild again.


CymPink7560-Edit copy CymYellow7438-Edit copy CymBurgundy7562-Edit copy

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13 Responses to Three shades of Cymbidiums

  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! beautiful! Love orchids!

  2. Timothy Price says:


  3. ChgoJohn says:

    You chose 3 beautiful examples to photograph, Teri. A spray of cymbidium blossoms is trul something to see. Thanks for such a pretty reminder.

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