Shades of Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis /ˌfælˈnɒpsɪs/ Blume (1825), known as moth orchids, abbreviated Phal in the horticultural trade,[2] is an orchid genus of approximately 60 species. Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular orchids in the trade, through the development of many artificial hybrids. It is native to southern China, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, and Queensland  wikipedia

Again, I’m not seeing the correlation between a moth and these orchids but perhaps it has something to do with how the petals look – I can see that.   These orchids, I believe, are the most common ones you will see when you go to a store other than a greenhouse to purchase an orchid plant.  Some people are experts at raising these in their homes.  Sadly, I am not one of them but I wish I could.

The first orchid photo shown here was featured in my Monochrome Monday post – The last day for the orchids.

Moth7396-Edit copy Moth7387-Edit copy Moth7390-Edit copy Moth7428-Edit copy

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6 Responses to Shades of Phalaenopsis

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I agree and think the name is due to the shape of the petals.

  2. Mark Myers says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see those soon!

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    Not everyone can grow or do everything well, Teri. Your forté is photography. Let’s not get greedy. 😀

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