Citizens of #Cbus – Construction Workers

Still shooting through the window of the restaurant here but this time the focus is on the workers and the great lines of the building and fence behind them as well as the reflection of the building I was in in the window panes.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the convention center will look like once they are finished and I know everyone who tries to get around downtown will be glad when this traffic congestion is over.

When trying street photography you have options, you can shoot the subjects without their knowledge, ask to take their photos after explaining who you are and what you are doing (and if they say no just thank them and walk away), or as I sometimes do start a conversation with them (cute baby, adorable dog, love your outfit, etc.) and then ask to take the photo.  A smile and being polite goes a long way but sometimes you just have to do what you are most comfortable with.


Construction8215-Edit copy


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4 Responses to Citizens of #Cbus – Construction Workers

  1. That is the awkward part…the approach. I’ve found festivals and such are awesome for this. Cheers!

  2. I still having trouble to ask permission on the street..I am afraid of rejection that could bring down my mood – gosh, I am so selfish! Hah! I still stick with tele-lens this time and festivals because mostly people just don’t care by then 🙂

    • You’re not selfish you’re just like the rest of us…a bit shy with tender feelings. I’ve been rejected a few times and many times I’ve been too afraid to just go up and ask. Just have to work at it 🙂

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