I’m still standing – Monochrome

Each and every day I drive past this old barn and shed and each and every day it taunts me; calling me to come closer and take more photos.  But even with that big sign on the property stating a whole lot of acres for sale, I’ve been hesitant to venture onto the grounds.  I can see the owners house through the trees and it has cars parked in front of it that look relatively new so I’m assuming that they are still living there.  Then there’s the fact that it is on a main road where me walking around with camera in hand would be witnessed by a lot of people which makes me very uncomfortable, so this shot was taken just as we were slowing down for a stop light, which also happens to be in front of this barn.

When I drove past it two days ago I noticed the field around it had been plowed confirming that while it looks unused and probably is abandoned it’s not abandoned.  Yours truly will just have to use a long lens and take shots on public ground.


YellowBarnXU9A8358-EditBWT copy

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8 Responses to I’m still standing – Monochrome

  1. Timothy Price says:

    The barn is calling. Nice shot. You could always ask the owners for permission to get a closer view as part of your barn series.

  2. We have a similar barn that I see on my way home from work. it’s been falling down for years and I’ve stopped making bets when it will fall down completely. 🙂

  3. I really like the angle on this image. Nice!

  4. A. Blake says:

    Be careful lady…never know what’s or who’s lurking behind those barn doors….spooky!

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