When you forget where you are…

Sometimes when you are out shooting and you are very focused on what you are shooting, you can possibly forget about other things.  Other things like the time, weather and in my case here – where I was.  I knew pretty much where I was as far as how to get back to the main road but what I forgot was that I was slowly inching my way further and further onto someones farm.  I was so fixed on getting as much of what I could see from this side of the barn (like the steps going up into the loft) that for a minute or two,  as I tried not to trip over the deep furrows, I ignored the barking dog in the distance at the farm house.

The dog kept barking and I kept shooting until the common sense light bulb came on in my head especially when the dog seemed to be getting a bit louder!  It told me it might be a good idea to wrap this up and make for the Jeep before the barking got closer or a human decided to maybe come have a chat with me.  Fortunately “Spot” never came close, I never saw any people and the worst thing that happened was some dirt clumps in my shoes from hopping over the furrows quickly for the vehicle.  But it was a reminder that I should be careful and mindful whenever and wherever I shoot.  You too!

BarnSide8403-Edit copy

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13 Responses to When you forget where you are…

  1. Sue says:

    Ah, but look at that lovely decrepit barn crying out to have its photograph taken……

  2. ThePhotoEnthusiast says:

    I love the series of barn shots – I’m super jealous, nothing like that is nearby – great shots!!

  3. Timothy Price says:

    That’s really cool how the area where the roofing has come off makes the outline of a barn. A virtual barn on a barn.

  4. Great looking barn, especially being able to see tight through it. You need a box of Milk Bones. Cheers!

  5. A. Blake says:

    Gurl you better be careful! #TWD

  6. Ha ha! Great pic though! Lovely colours and composition.

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