My Mother’s Day…

Was partially spent knee deep in weeds!  The reason I’m looking up here is because there were several turkey vultures circling overhead.  I was telling them to sod off as I was holding still to take some photos and not because I was on the verge of expiring 😉


Vultures00861-Edit copy

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17 Responses to My Mother’s Day…

  1. Hope you made it out safe…

  2. Timothy Price says:

    I hate it when turkey vultures do that! Makes you start thinking about mortality.

    • It made me think of every old western movie I’ve ever seen 😉

      • Timothy Price says:

        You should have laid down on the ground to see if DH could get some shots of the vultures’ shadows as they crossed over you! Those would be some great shots for your fashion blog. You could start a DWD line — Dead World Denim! Or a CRK line — Coffin Ready Khakis 😉 I am Off Center and Not Even, remember!

      • You are so far off center….so so so far! 🙂

      • Timothy Price says:

        Off Center sells! The DWD might be a hit as I was just told that decomposition suits that help dead folks decompose faster were being worn by the undead as fashion. On the other hand, I was just informed that vampires don’t wear khaki, so the CRKs might flop.

  3. Timothy Price says:

    Oh I forgot! Our sorry turkey vultures just circle and circle, but never land close by where I can photo graph them up close and personal like!

  4. I recall them circling me on an epic bike ride and wondering if it was an omen of sorts. Glad you also made it out okay. Cheers!

  5. Mark Myers says:

    They always make me nervous when I see them on a run. Like maybe they know something I don’t.

  6. Lignum Draco says:

    Circling vultures? Not a good sign. Maybe you need to see a doctor? 🙂

    Did you get the shots you wanted, after all that distraction?

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