Carefree Celebration…

Is the name of this beautiful shrub rose that dwells in the Columbus Park of Roses; a park that has over 12,000 roses of more than 400 varieties.  I enjoy going to this park not only to see the roses again, and of course photograph them, but to also take in everything about them.  Their fragrance, color, shape, beauty and always the honey bees (notice the one that photo bombed me in the upper right rose); to be still and take it all in… and to be happy that this park and it’s beautiful residents are here year after year.

This is the Memorial Day weekend, a day to honor those who died while serving our country.  Mostly it has become for many a time to celebrate the end of school, the beginning of summer and travel time, boating on the rivers and lakes and having a three day weekend off from work.  For some though, there may not be much carefree or celebrating depending on what is going on in their lives.  You may have nothing more to celebrate other than you woke up today and believe me, that in and of itself is a reason to give thanks and celebrate – a very good starting point.

Whatever your weekend entails I pray that it is a good one for you.  I will be leaving the barns behind for awhile and will be taking you with me through the rose park again.

CarefreeCelebration9473-Edit copy

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8 Responses to Carefree Celebration…

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh How I love roses. I can’t wait to see your roses! We have two here doing very well. And I have my Mom’s small roses that bloom often at the Lake House. I plan on planting a few more this summer out there.
    Memorial Day Weekend is a time for remembrance of all those who sacrificed. I got to see Omaha Beach on our trip to Normandy. And I just posted a few photos. It was an emotional day for us.

    • There will be plenty of roses coming up 🙂 Saw your post and it is an emotional place. I get that way at the national cemeteries here especially the ones where my kin are buried.

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Waking up to a new day each day is a blessing. As I think I mentioned, it’s so dry out here, we get very little scent from our roses. That is a good sized rose garden. We are down to 150 varieties of roses in our garden. I thought we were down to 135 when I did a winter count, but we discovered several bushes close together that I counted as one type of rose were different roses once they bloomed.

  3. Oh , this is so beautiful ! It makes me remember my grandmother’s beautiful rose bushes and also reflect on the things we all have to appreciate and celebrate. I hope your weekend has been delightful so far. Xoxo

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