Before and After – 1929 Buick Sport Roadster

Attending car shows is great fun, seeing all of the magnificent vehicles and partaking of the goodies from the food trucks; if you take the time to talk to the owners you will learn so much more about the autos than just looking and taking photos.  I spent more time in the Buick section here than I had anticipated and that was because besides the obviously amazing cars on display, I had a great time speaking with some of the owners.  They really do take great pride in their autos and are more than happy to speak with you about them.  You ask what that oil can is for and they will point out the 38 points on the brake line that take close to half an hour to oil when they do it.  See what I mean?

In the case of this roadster, the owner, Douglas Jones, shared with me how they went to this farm owned by a little old lady who was selling the car. They had to crowbar some barn doors open to get to it and as you can see in the photo it looked quite different then.  The owners at these shows will sometimes post other historical tidbits like original sales receipt and advertisements along with accessories like blankets, drive in food trays or picnic baskets from the same era.  The kind owner of this vehicle allowed me to “try” and get into the rumble seat (you can see the steps to use in the rear shot of the car; one being on the passenger side rear fender and you have to start with your right foot and not wear a dress or skirt) which got me up on the car and then I froze!  How they got in and out of those things is beyond me.

Yes! There is a photo of that attempt and no I will not share it…it was an embarrassing moment 🙂

29Buick0392-Edit copy 29Buick0390-Edit copy 29Buick0391-Edit copy 29Buick0396-Edit copy

And this is how you lit your cigarettes which was unfortunately stylish back then.

29Buick0395-Edit copy

Doesn’t it look like the car is smiling from the very front?

29Buick0389-Edit copy


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11 Responses to Before and After – 1929 Buick Sport Roadster

  1. Mark Myers says:

    That is a beautiful car and I love the photo of him holding the picture. The rumble seat pic would have been classic.

  2. Wow. It is definitely smiling. You really make these car shows an experience beyond just going and looking at the cars. I’ve seen those little steps on cars before to access the rumble seat. It doesn’t look to easy to me, either. Cheers!

    • Thanks 🙂 The idea is to step up so that your left foot in the end ultimately steps into the rumble seat. You wouldn’t have made it..I might have maybe but as the owner said back then the riders were smaller than now.

  3. GP Cox says:

    There are many classic cars driving around my town here, especially on Sundays. I would love to be sitting in this jewel !!

  4. Timothy Price says:

    Great restoration!

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    Gee, Teri. That car’s a real beauty and such a great bit of restoration. The owner has every right to be proud.

  6. Sartenada says:

    Love it. Well done!

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