Raptors 2

Our second model was… I forgot to get the name of this little guy but obviously it is an owl and a tiny one at that.  You can’t quite tell it’s size from the photos because I wanted to crop the shots to where you could see him it better.  It was just the cutest little ball of feathers.  The handler did say that this bird, like all owls, is mostly feathers and sopping wet would tip the scale at maybe 8 ounces.  Small and cute as it was check out that beak and those claws; damage could be done but the poor thing has to be fed dead mice.  He was kept as a pet before coming to the sanctuary and while he knows how to eat he does not know how to take down live prey.  His handler said a live mouse could hurt him.

By the way, I was tempted to title this post “Who are you!”  😉

Owl0948-Edit copy  Owl0955-Edit copy



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22 Responses to Raptors 2

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Who who, who who who. LOL. 🙂

    I like the 2nd one best. How big compared to say, a fist?

  2. GP Cox says:

    Cute little fella, but you can see how dangerous he can become.

  3. I like the second one where he is looking straight at you. Owls are so cool.

  4. I like the title, “Who Are You.” LOL…very cute.

  5. Timothy Price says:

    He’s adorable!

  6. Owls are so very interesting…

  7. inesephoto says:

    Beautiful little critter. They are very affectionate and love their keepers.

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    Another beauty, Teri, albeit a little scruffy around the edges.
    You showed remarkable restraint, BTW. 🙂

  9. This is super cute!! Love the second image – the expression is priceless!!

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